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Review | The Song Rising

As opposed to the previous two books, which I read in print form, I listened to The Song Rising on audiobook and in English (the first two books I read in translation) so it was quite a different experience for me. But I wanted to continue with the next book right away before I forget everything… Continue reading Review | The Song Rising

Reviews, Spoiler-free

Review | Because You Love To Hate Me

I hadn't really thought that I would actually read this anthology. Ever. I had never read an anthology in my life prior to this one and I wasn't particularly interested in this one. Except this book is so hyped since so many different authors and BOOKTUBERS are a part of it. However, what made me… Continue reading Review | Because You Love To Hate Me

Reviews, Spoiler-free

Review | Down Among the Sticks and Bones

Author: Seanan McGuire Title: Down Among the Sticks and Bones Series: Wayward Children #2 Published: June 13th 2017 Format: audiobook Lenght: 4 hours 4 minutes Goodreads Two hours. I read this book in two hours. It's such a quick and fun read, I literally flew through it. And ironically, I wasn't even planing on reading… Continue reading Review | Down Among the Sticks and Bones