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Review | The Edge of Never

I've read and enjoyed two books by J. A. Redmerski in the past (Killing Sarai and Reviving Isabel) and since I've heard so many positive things about this one, I was sure I was going to love it. I was such a fool. The girl (Camryn) has a shitty life (her highschool boyfriend died in… Continue reading Review | The Edge of Never

Reviews, Spoiler-free

Review | Lucky in Love

Do I even have to explain myself? At this point I have read almost all of the Kasie West's books but I think I will take a break from her for a while. Lucky in Love is her newest release and I was really looking forward to it. Maddie buy a lottery ticket on her 18th… Continue reading Review | Lucky in Love

Reviews, Spoiler-free

Review | Because You Love To Hate Me

I hadn't really thought that I would actually read this anthology. Ever. I had never read an anthology in my life prior to this one and I wasn't particularly interested in this one. Except this book is so hyped since so many different authors and BOOKTUBERS are a part of it. However, what made me… Continue reading Review | Because You Love To Hate Me