#MakeMeReadIt, Readathons

#MakeMeFailIt Wrap-up

Maybe you remember when I posted my TBR/poll for MakeMeReadIt readathon back in July? Well, I really wanted to participate and was determined to read the books people voted for. Here are the results of that poll: As you may tell from the title of this post, I failed. I managed to finish only one… Continue reading #MakeMeFailIt Wrap-up

#MakeMeReadIt, Readathons

Readathon | #MakeMeReadIt TBR

I had no idea this readathon even exists but I accidentally found out about it and decided to participate. This readathon is hosted by Val (The Innocent Smiley) and Ely (Tea and Titles). It takes place from August 6th to August 13th so it's a week long readathon! What is so special about this readathon? Well,… Continue reading Readathon | #MakeMeReadIt TBR