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Review | The Edge of Never

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the edge of never


I’ve read and enjoyed two books by J. A. Redmerski in the past (Killing Sarai and Reviving Isabel) and since I’ve heard so many positive things about this one, I was sure I was going to love it. I was such a fool.

The girl (Camryn) has a shitty life (her highschool boyfriend died in a car accident, her parents are divorced, her brother is in jail etc. – none of this is a spoiler) and decides to run away and go on an impromptu roadtrip. There she meets a super hot guy (Andrew) who has his own problems and secrets. Romance and drama ensues.

The roadtrip. I love books about roadtrip – probably because I love the idea of it and would love to go on a huge roadtrip across Europe or US one day. I liked the first lart of the roadtrip the best – the one set on a bus but later aspects of roadtrip were also fun and I enjoyed reading about it.

Character dynamics. I loved the dynamics between Camryn and Andrew and reading their interactions at the beginning was very entertaining. Once they got to know each other a bit better and fell for each other I wasn’t as invested but the beginning of their relationship was very fun to read about and the dialogues made me smile on multiple occasions.

The lack of plot. I feel like I was reading 400 of a book I’ve read a million times already and nothing exciting or new was happening. Everything was so predictable and underwhelming and overall boring. I thought of DNF-ing the book a couple of times and I have no idea why I even finished it. At one point I switched to the audiobook because I hoped it will help me get through the book faster and K have a confession to make: for the most part I used the audiobook as a background noise without actually paying attention. I even went and took a shower (including washing my hair) while audiobook was playing and I couldn’t hear anything. I didn’t care.

The romance. Let’s be honest, I really don’t care if a NA (or any other) book is a bit mysoginistic at times but Redmerski definitelly crossed the line here. It was too much even for me. If you let me fuck you, you will have to let me own you. That is the quote from the book. And I’m supposed to consider this hot and romantic? Hell, no. It’s just ridiculous and creepy at the same time.

Andrew Parrish. Andrew started off as a swoon-worthy guy and I was very much into him but then he started saying things like [check the quote in the previous paragraph] and acting like a complete dousche (beating up another guy just because he talked to Camryn) so I was done with him. I couldn’t care less for what happens to him by the end of the book.

Camryn. Oh God, she was unbearable. She’s portrayed as this deep philosophical girl who wants more from life and her big dream is to travel with only a backpack. Also, poor Camryn, she had a very miserable life and oh, it’s so sad. Nope. She’s annoying and say the most ridiculous things that make no sense, like this: the quote And can we talk about the fact that she was ready to go on a roadtrip with a complete stranger and trusts him completely just because he’s hot? Camryn = stupid.

The big twist. Aside from being obvious, I found it very poorly executed and non-captivating. It was supposed to break my heart? Keep me at the edge of my seat trying to figure it out? Make me cry? It did none of those things. I was just bored and I skimmed most of these last couple of pages. I didn’t give a single fuck for what happens to the characters and I just wanted the book to be over already but then…

Extra chapter. From Andrew’s POV. That’s completely unnecessary, provides zero new information and is pretty much the same chapter written again at the end of the book. Why? WHY?

I hated The Edge of Never. I went into it expecting a cute mindless NA romance but the only thing I got was trash and a whole lot of frustration. Truly terrible book. My least favorite of the year. Maybe ever. Please don’t read it, I don’t think it’s worth your time.



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  1. Yeah, that does not sound like a fun reading time. Thankfully (?) I have never been tempted to even pick this book up, and now I will just continue on with my life, reading the books that do sound like what I would call interesting.

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