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Review | The Song Rising

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As opposed to the previous two books, which I read in print form, I listened to The Song Rising on audiobook and in English (the first two books I read in translation) so it was quite a different experience for me. But I wanted to continue with the next book right away before I forget everything that happened in The Bone Season and The Mime Order.


In case you haven’t read The Bone Season and/or The Mime Order, don’t worry. This is the premise of the first book and I’m not going to spoil anything.

The year is 2059 and there are Unnaturals living among normal people. Paige Mahoney is a clairvoyant and in Scion London, a dystopian version of the London we know, her abilites make her existance illegal.

the positive

Action. The Song Rising is full of it and compared to The Mime Order it’s super fast paced and exciting. Something is constantly happening and there aren’t many slow moments in the book. That helped me get through the book more easily and I automatically enjoyed it more than the second book.

Romance development. I love it that the romance isn’t the main plot of the book but just the minor subplot. Paige has so many things to worry about and knows how to prioritize so of course romance gets pushed aside and I liked that, surprisingly. It just made snese with the story. Although I did love these few cute scenes we got.

No cliffhanger. I appreciate that this book didn’t end on a huge cliffhanger like the previous one. I don’t mind a good cliffhanger if I can get to the next book immediately but since we have to wait for who knows how long for the book 4, I am happy that this one doesn’t have a cliffhanger on the last page.

Warden. I can’t not mention him in my reviews. He’s amazing and definitely my favorite character in the series. His character makes sense and everything he says and does is reasonable and fits his character and the story. Samantha Shannon did a great job with him and I can’t wait to see his further development.

the negative

Paige Mahoney. I still don’t like her. I get it, she’s suppossed to be badass and a rebel but to me, she was just another stupid YA heroine who thinks she can save the world. Her decisions are still reckless and most of them don’t make much sense. I’m sorry, me and Paige just didn’t click.

Audiobook. I read the first two books in print form and switching to audiobook was not the best decision for multiple reasons. I found it difficult to understand the world and all the special words when I was just listening to it and I ended up not paying attention if I listened to it for too long. Also, it never crossed my mind that the narrator would have a Brittish accent (which makes sense since Samantha Shannon is from The UK and the book is set in London) but I ended up not so pleasantly surprised by that. I don’t think it had to do much with the accent, but I really didn’t like the narrator.


The Song Rising was a satisfying sequel. It was way better than the previous book in the series, The Mime Order, and I believe I would’ve given it 5 stars if I had read it in print form like the previous two but the audiobook took away a part of my enjoyment and I couldn’t love it completely.

If you were disappointed by The Mime Order, I highly encourage you to continue with the series anyway because this book will redeem the series and will totally be worth it!

4 stars



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  1. This is a series I want to read, but I find myself waiting because of the uncertainty of releases for the remainder of the series. I’m glad that this was a good installment. It makes me look forward to that future time when I actually do start to read these books.

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