One Lovely Blog Award

one lovely blog award

Wonderful Noriko (Diary of a Bookfiend) nominated me for yet another award! Thank you so much Noriko, that’s so nice of you and it makes me happy every time I see my blog came to mind when nominating for awards. If you aren’t following Noriko’s blog yet, go and change that, don’t even read this post. Then come back and read it, don’t forget me just because Noriko is fantastic!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination.


I thought of doing an unpopular opinions version of this, aka listing thing that make me different than most people. Let’s do this and please don’t be too harsh in the comments!


I don’t like watching movies. The only way I would watch a movie is either if I’m going out with my friends to the cinema or if I’m procrastinating in the living room and my mom is watching some random movie on TV so I join in. However, very, very rarely have the urge to watch a movie and even when I do, I find it a waste of time. I have no problem with TV shows, I love watching those, but movies just don’t appeal to me whatsoever. Characters and stories are never fully developed and I always end up wanting more and wishing something was different. And don’t even let me started on book to movie adaptations, I passionately hate those.


I don’t like kids and don’t see myself ever having one of my own. In my opinion, kids are a waste of time and money and in most cases they ruin parents’ lives. I know people who actually have kids don’t think that but in my view, that’s exactly what happens. When you have a kid your life starts revolving only around that kid and all of a sudden you have no time, no money and no energy for your hobbies, friends and career. You have to sacrifice at least one of these in order to be able to take care of your child properly and once they finally grow up enough so they can take care of themselves and not need your constant attention (read: when they become teenagers), they aren’t even thankful for everything you did for them and usually start to ignore you and/or hate you. No, thank you. I’d rather have a life.


I prefer glasses over contacts because I feel prettier that way. Usually people wear contacts because they don’t feel they look good with glasses. For me, it’s the opposite. My sight isn’t too terrible and I don’t really have to wear glasses all the time but whenever I’m leaving the house I make sure I have my glasses on. They’re like a makeup for me (although I also put makeup pretty much everytime I go somewhere) and I’m so happy I don’t wear uncomfortable contacts.


I am a dog person. Okay, this one isn’t very unpopular opinion but I feel like in the book community most people prefer cats and I just can’t stand cats. They’re scary, think the whole world revolves around them and are incredibly lazy (I guess we’re too simmilar haha). But all dogs are so cute and amazing and I don’t understand how can people prefer grumpy cats over precious cinnamon roll that is a dog.


I’m not a feminist and I don’t really support them. Yeah, I get it, girls should be equal with boys but hello, we aren’t in 18th century anymore! Females and males ARE equal and males are often the ones oppressed because of all the feminist crap. Just because you have a vagina doesn’t immediately mean you’re awesome and just because you have a dick it doesn’t mean you’re an asshole who doesn’t respect women. I’m so sick of it. Guys are amazing and deserve a lot more love and support than is given to them. Being a feminist is a super crappy trend and I don’t ever want to be a part of it. Equality = yes. Women ara all amazing and more important than men = hell NO!


I’m good at math and physics and I’m studying computer scinece at the university. Most of the people in the book community are all about English and literature, sometimes marketing and writing, but only the minority of book bloggers and booktubers are interested in STEM fields. I was also thinking about studying English language and literature at university but I changed my mind because I figured out that I need to actually live off of something and if I tried to pursue a career that has to do something in literature, I would probably live with my parents until I’m 50. That’s just how it is in my country and I thought it would be better for me to use my talents for something that would make me happy, get me a job and I will still have time and energy for my hobbies.


Since seven is my best friend’s favorite number, my seventh fact will be that I’m afraid to tell the said friend I’m bisexual. To be honest, I haven’t told anyone in my real life yet but I don’t really care. The best friend, who I will refer to as L in the rest of the paragraph, is all about boys and how boys are hot and amazing and is always on a hunt to find the perfect guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also into that, just not as much as her, and I feel like if I tell her I like girls too, she would start thinking I either have a crush on her (which I don’t) or she would think I have a crush on some other girl (which I don’t). She’s all about crushes and can’t fathom the fact that you don’t have to be in love with someone in order to find them attractive. So the first option is that she wouldn’t give me piece and ask me if I like literally every girl we meet from there on. The second option is that she wouldn’t give a fuck and tell me I’m making shit up in order to be more interesting. I hope that one never happens but it’s not impossible.

Wow, this got a lot more ranty and personal then I originally intended it to be. Well, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and if you don’t agree with my opinions, you’re welcome to say so, just don’t be rude and we’re fine.


Steph @ Lost: Purple Quill

Aria @ Snow White Hates Apples

Bella @ Bella Blogs Because Books

Jade @ drinkcoffeeandreadbooks

Alex @ coffeelovingbookoholic

Charlotte @ charlotteannelise

I can’t do 15 nominations, that’s too much. I need to save some people for other tags and posts haha


11 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Thanks for tagging me!! I feel the exact same way about movies…I rarely watch them and never watch them alone, and even people want to watch a movie together I’m like, wouldn’t our time be better spend actually DOING something rather than just staring at screen together?? I definitely prefer TV shows because you get more development from them.

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  2. awwww, thanks so much for the nomination girl! 🙂
    and i love this post! it is completely honest and you can really hear it and i love this! everyone has their opinion and everyone should be able to say it, even if other people are not happy about it. that’s their thing! so please, never loose your voice and always stand for what you think! 🙂
    yay to computer science! i don’t regret my choice and i love my job, so i hope that you will too! 🙂
    as for number 7. please tell your friend. i know you are afraid, but the longer you hold it in, the worse it will get. i know you are worried, but she is your best friend and she should immediately understand and be there for you. maybe you should explain what that means and that she shouldn’t read anything into it, like that you will have crushes all the time. just tell her how the situation is and that you would love it, if nothing is changing. if she is your best friend, she will support you and be there for you and not make life more difficult! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations, Nika! Great post 🙂 Your voice is clearly heard and I liked that about you!
    I think we are entitled to our opinions and there’s nothing wrong with voicing them. To be honest, I’m not a feminist, either. I do understand equality is important and I know how women have been neglected and our rights have been trampled upon, but I don’t necessarily think that men and women need to be 100% equal. I don’t think it is right for the world to insist that women do physical labor under the pretext of equality, which actually happened to my friend. She’s afraid of height but one day her boss demanded her change the fluorescent lights in the hallway which required her to climb up the rickety ladder. She told me she was so scared and I felt it was grossly unfair and the objective of the feminist movement was wrongly used.
    Again, I’m open to the feminist movement, I don’t hold anything against it, but I am not into that either.

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