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#TheReadingQuest Wrap-up

hereadingquest wrap-up

After the awesome four week of reading and gaining experience and health points, The Reading Quest is finally over. If you don’t know what #TheReadingQuest is, make sure to check out my sign up post. In case you’re too lazy to read another post (I know I would be), here’s the board with all the quest:


And now let’s see how many of these I have completed…



I’m happy with how I did in this challenge but I also feel like I could’ve completed a lot more quests if I hadn’t read so many big books that took me a while to get through ( I’m looking at you, Lover Reborn and The Mime Order). However, I still managed to read 13 books in 4 weeks and I call that a success.

#TheReadingQuest is definitely a very unique kind of readathon and I had so much fun participating in it. I hope it will happen again because not only did it help me get through my TBR but I also made a friend thanks to it. Susie (athousandlivesandthoughts) and I readΒ First We Were IV together in order to complete the side quest to buddy read a book and we had so much fun with that book! I said fun way to many times in this post but I don’t care, this readathon was pure FUN!


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