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Review | On the Fence


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2017 is obviously the year when I read all of the Kasie West’s books. I wanted something quick and fun and Kasie West became my go-to author when I’m in that mood.


Charlie has grown up surrounded by boys – three brothers and a neighbour – so no wonder she was a tomboy. When Charlie is forced to find a part time job, it turns out to be a girly clothing store and all of a sudden she’s surrounded with girls, clothes, makeup and BOYS. When she can’t sleep, she talks to her neighbour and best friend through the fence and slowly realizes she might have a crush on him. Charlie needs to come to terms with who she is and who she wants to be – a tomboy or a girly girl – but maybe she can do both?

the positive

Tomboy MC. I love it when girls aren’t these girly girl type and hang out with boys so no surprise I was sold on this book as soon as I found out what it was about. Charlie is a very relatable main character (alhtough we have very little in common) and I loved seeing her grow throughout the book. She embraced the fact that she’s a girl and let herself enjoy new things but she didn’t neglect her inner tomboy in the process and I really appreciated that.

Crushing on a best friend trope. I can never get enough of it. I loved the romance in On the Fence! The chemistry between Charile and Braden was very vivid and well done. The romance delevoped very naturally and I liked all the interactions between the two characters. It was just so so cute!

Family dynamics. Charlie grew up with a father and three brothers (plus an honorary fourth brother – neighbour Braden) and I highly enjoyed reading about them and their relationships. I have to admit that I wish we got to see more of her brothers and they had a bit more distinct personalities but this book is not about them, it’s about Charlie so I’m okay with them being only supportive characters.

Fence Chats. Braden and Charlie talk late at night throught the fence between their yards and these chats were probably my favorite part of the book. Charlie says there’s something very liberating about talking to someone without seeing their face and I could understand what she meant with that. For me, I don’t have a fence, but I feel the same about texting. It’s just easier to talk when you don’t see the person you’re talking to. Therefore, I really liked that aspect of the story and I think it was neatly developed and explained well.

the negative

It was predictable. But I’m not actually complaining about that. When going into this type of books I know what to expect and it’s exactly why I pick them up. Of course this book has a happy ending and if full of cheesy cute scenes. But guess what: sometimes you need a mindless cuteness in your life!


On the FenceΒ was fun, fluffy and cute read that I devoured in one sitting. It was exactly what I was in the mood for! I’m running out of Kasie West books to read and I have no idea what I’ll do once I read all of them. I’m dreading that moment!

Don’t go into this expecting something spectacular and you won’t be disappointed. If you want something entertaining and quick, I believe this book is an excellent choice! Huge recommendation.

5 stars



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