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Review | Starcrossed


Author: Josephine Angelini
Title: Starcrossed
Series: Starcrossed #1
Published: May 31st 2011
Format: print
Pages: 463

I did it, guys! I finally read Starcrossed! This book has been haunting me for years now. I’ve had it on my shelves for at least three years and I wanted to read it long before that as well. However, I never got around to actually pick it up and read it even though I tried a couple times. I really did.

Let me say this loud and clear: this book is ridiculous. I would’ve loved Starcrossed if I had read it a couple years ago when I was really into paranormal romances and that kind of stuff. It would’ve probably been one of my favorite books. However, I haven’t read an early 2010s paranormal book in a while and now I see everything these books are lacking.

I love the concept of this book! I’ve always liked Greek mythology and know a decent amount of information about it so this whole world was really appealing to me. However, the world building itself was terribly info-dumpy and therefore confusing and tiring.

I could also tell that Angelini had some great plot points and plot twists in mind but the execution of those was lacking common sense, proper description and originality. Every single thing that happened in the book was either super predictable and cheesy or didn’t make any sense which made the plot all over the place and I didn’t even try to figure out what exactly was happening any more.

Helen Hamilton, our great heroine, was the most annoying and unconsistent character I’ve read about in a while. Every decision she made throughout the book was untrue to the character she was supposed to be, she had no personality whatsoever (we were told she was super smart on multiple occasions but we never got the proof of that) and she just couldn’t think with her own head even for a second. She would decide something and then two pages later she was doing exactly the opposite of that because of something someone told her. I’m ranting, I know. But I really don’t like her.

The character that was quite refreshing in this entire story was Claire, Helen’s best friend. Not only that she is the only diversity aspect of the book (she’s Japanese) but I also appreciated that she actually figured some stuff on her own and wasn’t completely oblivious to everything that happened aroud her and with her best friend. I haven’t seen a lot of that connecting and figuring out in other books in the genre.

The Delos family had so much potential, they almost had distinct personalities. Almost. But most family members were just cliched and I didn’t really connect with any of them. The most complex of them all was definitely Hector and that’s why I liked him but I can’t say I loved him or rooted for him or anything. I just cared a tiny bit more for him than for anyone else.

Now, I can’t talk about Lucas Delos, the love interest, without talking about the romance. Oh my God, the romance. I loved the idea of how their relatioship was supposed to develop at the begining, going from wanting to kill each other to falling for each other (if you read the book, you’ll see the pun here) but it was so poorly written so it ended up extremely cheesy and unbelievable. But that’s not even my biggest issue! The whole problem of the book, the whole point of the plot and the romance was that Helen and Lucas are starcrossed, meaning they can’t be together. Well actually, they can be together, they just aren’t allowed to have sex. Yes, you heard me, over 400 pages of romance drama because Lucas can’t keep it in his pants. Told you, this book is ridiculous. I’m about to spoil the ending of the book so if you haven’t read the book and plan to, skip the rest of this paragraph. So, even after it turns out they actually can be together, there’s another huge plot twist – they’re cousins. If all these super smart characters were able to do basic math, they would realise they’re actually not cousins since Helen’s supposed father died 19 years ago and Helen is only 17. But I guess that’s too hard to figure out.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I genuinely think Starcrossed is a bad book with lots of issues and terrible writing, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. In the middle lart of the book I didn’t even have that many problems with it. Almost. I guess there is something oddly fun (but also frustrating) in reading about all these stupid characters doing stupid things for very stupid reasons. No matter how many times my mind was blown by the absurdity of the plot, I was really into this book until the very end. It was just so easy to read and simply entertaining – sometimes you need a pointless story that is very far from common sense. So yeah, I’d still recommend it if you want something that’ll make you laugh and that you won’t take very seriously.


4 thoughts on “Review | Starcrossed”

  1. Great review! Ridiculous books that are lacking in so many areas and yet still hook you in and entertain you for a few hours…sometimes those are the random books a person needs in the middle of reading all the other books.

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