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Review | P. S. I Like You

Author: Kasie West
Title: P.S. I Like You
Series: -
Published: July 26th 2016
Format: audiobook
Lenght: 6 hours 56 minutes

I guess I can’t get enough of Kasie West. Her books are kind of like a guilty pleasure to me except for the part where I feel guilty. I don’t.

The plot of P. S. I Like You features one of my favorite tropes in romance novels and it was done perfectly here. However, I’m not going to tell you what it is because it could be considered a spoiler even though I figured it out pretty much immediately. So yeah, this book was a bit predictable when it comes to the “mystery” part but once that was out of the way (around halfway through the book) it was just the cutsey romance we are used to getting from Kasie West.

Charactes actually had a personality in this one! Or at least the main character did. Lily is this unconventional girl who wears weird clothes, loves to sew and write songs and has a big and loud but very nice family. Yes, I can actually tell her something about her, I’m pleasantly surprised as well. Other characters in the book weren’t that well developed but I still loved the love interest and I thought he was realistic, more or less. A lot of people are like him, one thing on the outside, showing people what they want to see and something different, deeper and more interesting on the inside. It was believable. I hadn’t thought Kasie West did believable.

The thing I liked the most about the book was the song writing part. I like it that se got to read Lily’s songs but not only that, I liked how the entire book revolved around music and how much it meant to both main characters. It was truly beautuful. I haven’t read a book about music since Maybe Someday and I never thought I’d find something a least closely as good. P. S. I Like You wasn’t as good but it was still a love letter to music and I adored it.

And since I’ve mentioned letters, that’s another thing I really enjoyed in this one. The whole concept of pen pals in Chemistry class got me into the book immediately (which could be the consequence of me hating Chemistry as much as Lily) and I was as excited for every letter as much as Lily was.

To sum it up, P. S. I Like You ended up being a lot more than I expected and so far it both my favorite book by Kasie West and the best one she’s written. Huge recommendation if you’re looking for something cute and easy to read!


3 thoughts on “Review | P. S. I Like You”

  1. When I saw the summary for this book last year I thought I would want to pick it up and give Kasie West a try, but then I never got around to it. While at BookExpo this year, I was lucky enough to get an ARC for Kasie West’s newest book, Lucky in Love. Now I’m sure that I need to give P.S. I Like You a try. While there isn’t a lot of depth or substance really to these books (or so it seems so far), I can still say that they are nice cutesy guilty pleasure reads.

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