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Readathon | Summer Biannual Bibliothon & Booktubeathon Wrap up

Summer Biannual Bibliothon Wrap-upBTAT wrap up

I decided to do both wrap-ups in one post since these readathons overlapped for 6 out of 7 days so I pretty much read the same books and would say the say thing. Therefore, no need for two separate posts, right?

Before we start, I want to say I had a wonderful week and I am so happy with how much I read. Throughout the week i constantly felt like I wasn’t reading anything and that I’m not trying hard enough but looking at everything I’ve read this week – I read a shit ton of books!

First, let’s see which challenges I completed and how I did with my TBR for each readathon and then I’ll talk a bit about the books I read and which challenges they completed.


Summer BIBIB challengesSummer BIBIB TBR

As you can see, I did pretty well with the challenges and I managed to complete every single one except for reading a group book. I didn’t get my copy of it in any form so I wasn’t able to read it, unfortunately. When it comes to my TBR, I changed it a bit but I still managed to get through more than 50% of it and I’m happy with that. I have read more than 3 books, though. You’ll see.


BTAT challengesBTAT tbr books

I completed all the challenges! I’m so happy! I didn’t read all of the books that were on my TBR but I’m still happy with what I’ve read and again, I did read some other books instead, I’ll talk about those soon.

Now, onto the books I’ve read in the past 8 days (spoiler alert: there are a lot of them)! I’m going to mention them in the chronological order as I finished them, links to my reviews for each of the book will be in the title so make sure to check those out if you want to know more of my thoughts on a certain book. Also, under each book I will list all the challenges a cetrain book can complete because I’m an overachiever and I can’t fulfill one challenge with only one book.

  • throwback challenge: read a book set in a foreign country
  • read a book you’ve seen somewhere other than booktube

I read this one on the first day of the Summer BIBIB and therefore it doesn’t count toward my Booktubeathon reads. It’s set in Denmark so the foreign country challenge is definitely completed. Also, I’ve randomly picked this book up while I was at the bookstore, I haven’t heard anyone talk about it in the book community.

  • finish a book in one day
  • read a hyped book
  • read an LGBTQIA+ book
  • read from the host’s favorite genre – diverse books

Yes, I completed for challenges with this book, two for each readathon. And I read this book in the first two hours of Booktubeathon. It made me feel so accomplished once I finished it.

GIRL MANS UP by M-E Girard
  • read a book with the person on the cover
  • read a book you bought because of the cover
  • read an LGBTQIA+ book
  • read from the host’s favorite genre – diverse books

Another one that completes 4 challenges. This one was probably my favorite read of the readathons and I’m so glad I randomly picked it up. It was perfect.

BY YOUR SIDE by Kasie West
  • read a book with a person on the cover

The first one that completes only one challenge. I picked this one up mainly bacause it’s short and easy to read – great for the readathon!

THE LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding


  • finish a book completely outdoors
  • read a book that has been or still is banned
  • read & watch a book to movie adaptation

I did it, I actually read a book outside! This is probably my biggest accomplishment. I didn’t watch the movie, though but I didn’t plan to either because I hate watching most book-to-movie adaptations. There is no review on this one because I don’t feel like I have anything to say that hasn’t already been discussed. It’s a classic, after all.

DUMPLIN’ by Julie Murphy


  • read a hyped book
  • read a book with a person on the cover
  • read an LGBTQIA+ book
  • read from the host’s favorite genre – diverse books

This one is my least favorite read of the week and that sucks. It also didn’t complete any of the challenges that haven’t been completed already, but whatever.



  • read about a character that is very different from you
  • read a hyped book

Lara Jean is pretty much everything I’m not. Also, she’s Korean and I’m definitely not. This is the closest I could get to completing the challenge to read about a different character.

NERVE by Jeanne Ryan


  • read & watch a book to movie adaptation
  • read a book you’ve seen somewhere other than booktube
  • read a book with a person on the cover

I’ve never heard of this book before I found out about the movie. When the movie was in the theaters I learned that there was also a book and wanted to read it since. I haven’t watched the movie (surprised?) but having read the book I kind of want to. I think the movie could actually be great (now, I am surprised).

P.S. I LIKE YOU by Kasie West


I actually haven’t finished this one during the readathon. I got 61% in and then it was midnight and the readathon was officially over. Therefore, it doesn’t complete any of the challenges but it doesn’t really matter since I’ve already completed all of them.

Yes, I read all these books in the past 8 days. I know, it’s crazy. I still can’t believe I did it. My secret recipe? Audiobooks! 5 of these books were audiobooks and I’m listening to all my audiobooks on at least 2x speed so I finish a book in a few hours.

Did you participate in one of those readathons (or both)? How did you do? What have you read? I’d love to know so tell me in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Readathon | Summer Biannual Bibliothon & Booktubeathon Wrap up”

  1. Um WOAH!!! Congrats on the readathons!! That’s amazing!
    Also, the Nerve movie is amazing!! I watched it before I read the book, and then watched it again afterwards, and still loved it! It’s plot is very different from the book, so it’s kind of like getting a whole other story in the same world!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great Readathon wrap ups! You did really well. Congratulations.

    And listening to audiobooks on 2x speed? Whew…I am impressed. I cannot listen to them as anything but 1x speed. Anything else sounds weird to me, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My goodness, this is an amazing achievement!! I wish audiobooks worked for me… but unfortunately, I cannot listen to audiobooks. I tend to be very fastidious about narrators; once the narrator bugs me, then it will ruin the whole reading (listening) experience for me. The only genre that I think audiobooks work for me is non-fiction. But then again, I don’t really care non-fiction. So, either way, I’m screwed lol

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