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Review | The Forgotten Girls

Author: Sara Blaedel
Title: The Forgotten Girls
Series: Louise Rick #7
Published: 2011
Format: print
Pages: 270


To be completely honest, I bought this book only because the cover is super pretty. Not the one I put here, but the Croatian edition. The only thing I knew about The Forgotten Firls was that it’s a crime/mystery/thriller and that’s about it. I don’t regret buying it. I would probably never pick it up if it weren’t for the pretty cover, though.

I am starting to get more into adult thrillers but it’s still not my genre and I still consider it out of my comfort zone. However, I keep giving this genre a chance whenever I can because I’ve found some gems and I usually get pleasantly surprised. When it comes to this particular book, I wasn’t blown away. I’m not saying it’s bad – it’s a solid mystery – but I wasn’t amazed. I read it in one day because it’s quite short and plot is interesting enough to keep me reading. I actually really enjoyed the premise and the mental hospital aspect (that was probably the coolest part of the book) but I felt that at some point the plot was getting all over the place and too many random victims appeared or were mentioned. It was a bit difficult to follow and remember who all those new random names were or why they were important.

The Forgotten Girls read like an episode of a crime tv show – it was fast paced and suspenseful, something was always happening and I was constantly at the edge of my seat. Howvere, I didn’t really enjoy part where we followed Camilla (or Camille? I’m not sure) – her whole POV and everything she did throughout the book was completely unnecessary and the plot would be exactly the same if she weren’t the part of it.

Even though Louise Rick is a series of companion novels that can be read as a standalone, I felt like I was missing on some background story. The author did a great job introducing us to all the characters and their relationships but I still couldn’t fully get into their stories because I felt like I was supposed to know more about them. Therefore, I couldn’t connest with any of the characters and I didn’t really like any of them. None of the relationships between them seemed natural and realistic. Characters were definitely the weakest part of this novel.

The ending was cool but I believe I would’ve guessed it earlier if only I had payed a bit more attention to what I was reading. I admit, I skimmed through some pages because I couldn’t follow all those random people Louise was talking to. But I really liked how the story was wrapped up. It is a very clever story and the idea is great but I believe that it could’ve been executed a bit better.

Overall, this is an okay mystery book that is easily read and entertaining but I expected a bit more having read all the praise it got. I would still recommend it if you’re looking for something quick and different but not necessarily with the best writing.


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